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The Savvy Society School

Online Courses

Learn the ins & outs of captivating content creation.

Upskilling - v. Investing in your personal development for your own enjoyment, to boost your career confidence and to help you achieve your goals.


Envision what your business and life would look like if you received invaluable training or developed an online course that easily attracted new students, helped them achieve results, and ultimately added to your business’s revenue…

With The Savvy Society's online courses, you'll learn various skills, techniques and mindsets from guest industry leaders from diverse backgrounds with unique and relatable experiences. 

It's time to Launch that online course, Monetize your skills & expertise, and Create an impact!

Project R.O.I.

Digital Products

 Create multiple sources of income extending from your brand.

Passive Income - n. Money you earn in a way that requires little to no daily effort to maintain.


It’s time to up-level your marketing.

Inside Project R.O.I., you’ll learn how to create your evergreen funnels (that's French for an automated system that sells your courses/products year round, every day, to your audience, in a strategic way), design your product suite, and generate sales on autopilot. 

With monthly coaching session from The Savvy Society and other guest experts, this is your one-stop-shop for continued growth and education to scale your online course and digital product business.

Oh, and we can't forget to mention it comes with user-friendly templates, freebies to generate leads, and much more. #getintoit #getnoticed 

Content Is Life

Content Creation

Your story + digital strategies = Compelling Content

Compel - v. Evoke interest.

Master the power of content creation, scale and grow a loyal following, and generate massive income for your business.

Content is Life focuses on multimedia content creation with an emphasis on storytelling, digital strategy, personal branding and professional etiquette.

Discover how to build and scale your social media presence and make your content work for you. Create valuable content to attract clients and maximize profit.

Unleash your creative side and build, grow, and earn from creating content that is built on your personal brand - making you an established authority in your industry.